Engine Management Design - Our heritage began with Porsche over 20 years ago and the 911 engine continues to be the bulk of our business. We work extensively with this engine in a wide variety of configurations and displacements in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged form. We've also worked with other Porsche engines as well as Ferrari, BMW, Mazda, and Nissan and can design complete engine management systems for most applications.

Trackside Support - We attend a number of events each year and can assist you with engine tuning and data acquistion analysis. If you do not see an event that meets your schedule, we can discuss alternatives.

Dyno Tuning - We partner with many local shops as well as independent dyno facilities where we can tune your vehicle for optimum performance. We are committed to our client relationship and follow on support as is needed.

Using data acquisition to improve driver performance

Data acquisition can be defined as collection of vehicle information and
can be used to analyze a vehicle's or driver's performance. It not only
records the actual values, but provides a timeline so it can be analyzed at
a later point. For discussion purposes, data acquisition can be broken out
into three categories; Engine data that is useful in understanding engine
performance, chassis data that is useful in understanding vehicle
dynamics and driver data which the engine and chassis data related to
the controls that the driver manipulates such as throttle, brake, steering,
gear, etc.

Education - We are committed to EFI University and its goal to set the
standard of tuning in the performance industry. Geoffrey Ring is the east
coast instructor and teaches several EFI101 and EFI Advanced classes per year and he parthers with Ben Strader on development projects to further probe the envelope of engine controls.

Porsche Head services - Since we are passionate about Porsches, we offer the following headwork services:

Economy Porting - Basic cleanup of Porsche intake and exhaust ports
and flow testing.

Professional Porting - Porting optimized for your application and
flow tested.

Valve job and related parts - Significant gains are found in the
valves and valve jobs. We have selected special Indy Car valves, springs
and retainers as well as Serdi multi angle valve job which promotes flow
and sustains velocity, all with lighter and stronger than OEM components.

Cylinder head resurfacing - We use a CNC machine to resurface your
cylinder heads to ensure a level mating surface. The CNC machine ensures
that the head is cut square and is the same height for all cylinder heads.


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