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MoTeC produces Engine Controllers which are dependable, adaptable and offer the type of sophistication required by today's top racing teams. M4, M48 or M400, M600, M800/880; our line of ECU's are compatible with your engine combination and Power requirements.
The same ingenuity for which our ECU's are known is carried over in our Advanced Dash Logger. The ADL2, Sport Dash, and MDD all provide both a digital display and a full function data acquisition system in one small lightweight package. The easily read display is completely configurable and features a special backlight which does not obstruct your vision at night. 8 outputs can be used to control actuators based on the logic you define. Available with up to 8Mb of logging memory, the ADL provides you with the information you need to finish first - everytime.
The MoTeC Professional Lambda Meter is a sophisticated Air Fuel Ratio Monitor. By leveraging the capabilities of new sensor technology, MoTeC provides you with a meter which can display Air Fuel Ratio, Lambda or Oxygen Percentage using a variety of fuels including Leaded Gasoline and Methanol. Whether you are using the PLM in conjunction with a MoTeC ECU or you are tuning a carbureted or constant flow system, the PLM gives you the feedback you need to maximize power throughout the operating range.
EFI and Data Aquisition Specialist

Data Acquisition: http://www.motec.com.au/disp.htm

ECUs: http://www.motec.com.au/ems.htm

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